Why You Should Stop Taking Drugs for Your Diabetes

If you are diabetic and abort to ascendancy your claret glucose levels, you will a lot of acceptable end up with several debilitating bloom problems such as affection disease, stroke, branch disease, assumption damage, diabetic neuropathy, digestive problems, blindness, or a array of infections.

Many of these altitude can be fatal.

So demography drugs to administer your diabetes would assume like a acute affair to do.

Not so… for several actual acceptable reasons.

Survival ante application diabetes medications

According to a analysis cardboard Benefits of Diabetes Drugs Dubious, appear in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in December 2014, no doctor-prescribed diabetes biologic has been apparent to save the activity of a diabetic. There is no affidavit that they anticipate affection attacks, strokes, branch disease, assumption damage, amaurosis or added diabetes complications such as the charge for amputations.

High claret glucose levels are not the aforementioned as diabetes. They are signs of diabetes but they are not the ache itself. The botheration is: diabetes drugs ambition claret amoroso levels… they do not amusement diabetes. But actual few humans die of top levels of glucose in their blood.

However they do die of the accident acquired by diabetes: affection disease, strokes, branch ache and angry infections… and diabetes drugs do annihilation for them.

A peer-reviewed meta-study Comparison of Analytic Outcomes and Adverse Events Associated with Glucose-lowering Drugs in Patients with Blazon 2 Diabetes, appear in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2016, showed that there was no access in adaptation ante a part of blazon 2 diabetics who took diabetes medications.

The drugs bootless to anticipate affection attacks and strokes. They aswell bootless to abate all-cause bloodshed for these patients.

The abstraction advised nine classes of diabetes drugs, including insulin, comparing the drugs to a placebo. The advisers advised added than 300 randomized analytic trials accoutrement about 120,000 patients afore extensive their conclusions.

Dangers of diabetes drugs

Drugs for diabetes are dangerous.

Their ancillary furnishings cover cardiovascular reactions, flu-like affection and dizziness. They accept been affiliated to beef and abdomen pain, diarrhoea and anaemia. In addition, if diabetics are not careful, these drugs can could could cause alarmingly low claret glucose levels.

The sad affair is that abounding patients yield two or even three of these drugs at the aforementioned time, all assigned by their bounded doctor or diabetes clinic.

But, instead of abbreviation deaths, this multi-drug administration increases afterlife rates.

A analysis cardboard Effects of Intensive Glucose Lowering in Blazon 2 Diabetes, appear in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2008, assured that acute efforts to lower claret glucose with drugs resulted in a 22% college amount of afterlife from all causes. The aforementioned abstraction showed that deaths from affection ache went up by 35%.

So what to do?

Reversing diabetes

The actuality is that there is no need, unless your diabetes is far advanced, to use these drugs at all. You can about-face your diabetes application diet alone, conceivably with a little added exercise befuddled in.

There is no cure for diabetes, ie already you accept it you will consistently accept it. So if I say you can about-face your diabetes, I beggarly you can exhausted the awful after-effects the ache brings such as the cardiovascular problems, strokes, branch ache and so on.

The beating-diabetes diet is simple. It requires but a little discipline.

You can about-face blazon 2 diabetes by bistro foods that are (1) low in sugar, (2) low in fat, (3) low in salt, (4) top in fibre and that (5) are digested slowly. The easiest way to do this is by apperception on natural, chapped foods that are mostly plants. You aswell charge to abstain all dairy articles and eggs, and to alcohol affluence of water.

The axiological could could cause of blazon 2 diabetes is fat blocking the receptors in your beef cells, abrogation glucose (produced by the digestive process) and insulin (produced by the pancreas) bouncing about in your bloodstream. This activity is alleged insulin resistance.

The diet works because it minimises your assimilation of fat so that, afterwards a ages or so, the fat blocking the receptors in your beef beef will accept disappeared.

Unblocking the receptors ensures that the insulin can do its job of aperture those receptors to get the glucose out of your bloodstream and into cells, appropriately ‘reversing’ your diabetes.

As able-bodied as afterward the beating-diabetes diet, you should aswell yield up some balmy exercise, such as walking, gardening, swimming, dancing and so on. This will admonition activate your beef beef to use the activity (glucose) amphibian about in your claret stream.

In addition, you can accord the beating-diabetes diet a addition in several ways:

Vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D3 accept been affiliated to both pre-diabetes and absolute diabetes. Sadly, a lot of humans accept a vitamin D deficiency.

A analysis cardboard advantaged Lipoprotein lipase links vitamin D, insulin resistance, and blazon 2 diabetes: a cross-sectional epidemiological study, undertaken by Chinese advisers and appear in January 2013 in Cardiovascular Diabetology, showed that even a accessory absence in vitamin D3 can access the accident of diabetes by added than 90%.

So how do you up your assimilation of vitamin D3?

You can get acceptable vitamin D3 by continuing about for just 10 account or so a day in the midday sun… provided you alone abrasion bathing accoutrements (even in winter) and the sun is in fact animated (a aberration area I live).

You could aswell get affluence of vitamin D by bistro adipose angle (tuna, sardines, mackerel and salmon), free-range eggs, grass-fed beef, alarmist and dairy products. But these foods accommodate copious amounts of fats which you charge to abstain if you are to about-face your diabetes.

For diabetics, therefore, the best way to get acceptable vitamin D3 is to yield a supplement. The recommended dosage is 8,000IUs (international units) a day.


The leaves, stems and beef (but not the skins) of the close guava bake-apple block the assimilation of carbohydrates which reduces spikes in claret glucose. Consuming pealed guava aswell makes the development of insulin attrition beneath acceptable and helps advance the claret amoroso levels of diabetics.

If beginning guava is accessible in your belt you should eat it daily. If not, you can get guava tea fabricated from broiled leaves at your bounded bloom aliment abundance or online. A cup a day (or more) is awful recommended.


Vanadium is a trace mineral that mimics the activity of insulin.

Vanadium reduces spikes in claret glucose and insulin levels by allowance to move claret glucose into beef beef and by inhibiting the assimilation of glucose from the gut.

In a abstraction declared in Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures, a book appear in 1994, diabetics took circadian supplements of vanadium… their boilerplate claret glucose levels alone by 10% in alone three weeks.

You can use vanadium by demography it as a supplement… 500mcg three times a day… but:

Caution: do not beat 10mg a day.


Berberine is a bulb comestible begin in the roots, rhizomes, stems and case of alleviative herbs such as barberry, timberline turmeric, Oregon grape, goldenseal, yellowroot, Chinese goldthread, annoying poppy, and Californian poppy.

In the 1980s, Chinese doctors apparent that berberine can adapt claret glucose levels. It does so by abbreviating insulin resistance, by abbreviating the assembly of amoroso in the liver, and by accretion the adeptness to breakdown glucose central cells.

To lower the levels of amoroso in your blood, you should yield a supplement… one 500mg abridged with commons two or three times a day.

Caveat: the biographer of this commodity is not a medical doctor and his able admonition is that you argue your doctor or a agents affiliate of the diabetes dispensary you appear afore you stop demography your assigned diabetes medications.